The Heros Behind Our Mission

My name is Rich Luisi. Since 2005 I have been the Executive Financial Director of Premiere Financial, located in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego, CA.

Premiere Financial is built on the foundation of quality personal and professional mortgage lending services.  We believe communication is the key to all successful Real Estate transactions, home refinance or loan process.

The real estate and lending team at Premiere Financial are all licensed through the California Board of Real Estate and The National Mortgage Lending Services.

Ongoing education of the the ever changing lending requirements and qualifications allows us to provide the absolute best loans for our clients.   It is our goal to pass on important information to our clients and make the loan process as easy as possible.  Building lasting relationships with our clients is important to us.

The mortgage lending division at Premiere Financial specializes in: Conventional, Jumbo and VA loans.

With over 20 years of personally working in the home loan mortgage industry, I understand how to select and provide the best lending options for your particular financing goals.

Premiere Financial mortgage lending division is licensed as a broker. That means we are loyal to you, our clients- and are not limited to offering only a  handful of loan options.  We have access to many different financing options for you. This gives us the opportunity to really align you with the best loan to help you meet your financial situation and needs.  The flexibility in financing options we offer allows us to provide rages that are often better than most banks or credit unions.

There are many programs available also that offer ZERO down payment, Zero closing costs and NO payment for 30 days.

Need to get Pre-Approved? We can make that happen. Click here to connect with us for Pre-Approval.

Ready to start your Loan Application? The Premiere Financial Topflight Loan Process shortens the time it takes for you to get your home loan funding. We make it easy for you to get started today!

Navy Picture 20001Premiere-Financial-Rich-LuiOn a personal note…. I am a Veteran of the United States Navy.  I served 11 years during Desert Storm and served on the USS Ranger.  I received a very special letter of recognition during one of my combat tours for being the only sailor on the USS Ranger to successfully save 3 ‘F-14 Tomcat” jet airplanes by doing a complete gear box change.

My family continues to serve through our “Military Outreach” non-profit organization that we founded in 2006 after my brother in law was killed during combat duties in Iraq. 

Take a moment to visit and our major project to see all the great programs we have that assist our nations military.